Tuesday, January 4, 2011

snake in my boots


we had so much fun......especially when the boys thought they had to retrieve their own ball and started to run down the lane.. we will need a lil more help next time

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blonde moment for mom......


Ok so when we went to St, George Christmas Eve Billy was running late so i packed up the truck and all the stuff and just went to pick billy up in orem at work. Well he asked me to program th eheater to 64 degrees why we were down there. Well...... I did it but forgot to set it back to run so therefore when we got home from St. George it was 39 degreees in our house so we had to put coats and gloves on the boys tell it heated up.... opppssss

Long Story....

Cowboy Kelton........

Kelton loves helping papa with the horses. Anything from feeding to riding... he likes it all. Papa bought him his first real boots and he wont take them off. He wasnts to be a cowboy like papa.